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Public Sector

Building bridges – between a public mandate and economic requirements

Higher requirements and increased complexity are being seen especially in the area of public sector taxation and public companies. This makes expert, competent and sector-specific advice increasingly important so the solutions tailored to the needs of the public sector can be exactly worked out. The comprehensive expertise of BRL is highly regarded by decision makers, the senior staff of public companies, and districts, cities and communities. 

This is how we can support you:

  • Ongoing Tax and Legal Advice  
  • Business Administration and Tax Advice in Cross Commodity Structures 
  • Restructuring of public enterprises and outsourcing of public operations from the Fiscal, Corporate, Labor and Community Business Law point of view 
  • Establishment of municipal enterprises and municipal companies  
  • Public Procurement Law, Public Transportation Law, Environmental and Energy Law for commissioned agencies and public enterprises 
  • EU Aid Law and Tax Law; formulation of act of entrustment solutions with tax structuring aspects  
  • Compliance and Risk Management Systems 

Contact person

Marc Tepfer, LL.M.
Lawyer, Tax advisor
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