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Employment Law

Our employment law team offers advice for national and international companies and corporations on all questions of collective and individual employment law. In addition, we advise institutions and bodies comprehensively in employment and service contract law.

We also offer employment law training events for HR managers, HR departments and executives.

Our employment law services at a glance:

  • Restructuring and reorganisation of companies and enterprises
  • Advice and design for all questions of corporate co-determination according to the codetermination or the one-third participation law
  • Representation of the employers' side in corporate constitutional and collective bargaining matters and disputes
  • Legal support for transactions
  • Executive and service contracts (drafting of contracts, advice in connection with termination, liability for directorships)
  • Social insurance status proceedings (social insurance obligation for shareholders, managing directors, foreign directors, bogus self-employed people)
  • Design of employment contracts and target agreements
  • Design of working time systems, remuneration models, corporate behavioral guidelines and company integration management (BEM)
  • Assistance with all issues of employee data protection, temporary employment, posting of workers and occupational pensions
  • Representation before the labour courts, regional labour courts as well as the federal labour court and all regional and higher regional courts

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